Juma Prayer

The Virtues & Rules.

The Arabic word for Friday is ‘Yaumul Jumuah’ the day of congregation for Muslims. The Jews had selected ‘Saturday ‘as their day of congregation the Christians had chosen ‘Sunday’ as their day of congregation , But our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W. has selected for the Muslim Ummah ‘Friday ‘as the day of congregation. Because Almighty Allah has created The Heavens, the earth and entire universe in six days, Friday was the last day when the creation was completed. Prophet Adam A.S. was created on Friday, he was admitted in to paradise on Friday, he was sent down to the earth on that day. The day of Qiyamah [Resurrection] will be on Friday. Allah taala will show his face to the mu’mineen in to Paradise will be on Friday. That’s why Friday is a very sacred day for the believers. Allah taala has kept one moment hidden in Friday when Duas are readily accepted. Scholars said: this blessed moment is most probably from beginning of ‘Jumuah Khutbah’ till end of the J’umuah Salah,’ or towards end of the day before sunset, or between the two khutbah when Imam sits after the first khutbah. But dua should be read in the heart without raising the hands.

Things to Do on Friday:

1: Take a bath with intention to perform Jumuah salah.
2: Use the Miswak while making wudu.
3: Put on best cloths one has in his closet.
4: Apply Itr (non alcohol perfume).
5: Come walking to the Masjid for salah. For every step you will get the great reward. Come a little early for Jumuah salah.

It comes in the Hadith that Rasulullah S.A.W. has said: “A first person enters in the Masjid for Jumuah salah, angels write the reward for him like he has sacrificed the camel for Allah, for second person reward like a cow, for third like a goat or sheep, for the fourth like a chicken, and for the fifth like an egg…”

On Friday one should recite ‘Suratul Kahf.’ Who ever recite this surah, the Noor will be created for him from the ground to the heaven. He will be protected from all the fitnahs and calamities and his sins [minor] will be forgiven from this Friday to the next. He will be saved from the fitnah of Dajjal. If he dies on Friday he will get the reword of Martyred. He will be saved from the punishment of the Grave. InshaAllah. One should send Durood Shareef upon beloved Rasulullah S.A.W. on Friday abundantly specially after Asr at least 100 times.

Jumuah salah is fardh (compulsory) on every Muslim. Almighty Allah said in the Holy Quraan: “When the call for salah is proclaimed for Friday, hasten for the remembrance of Allah and leave off business…” (Surah Jumuah)

Rasulullah S.A.W. has said, “Who ever missed three consecutive Jumuah salah without valid Sharia reason, Allah taala will seal his heart (Trimidhi) and he will be regarded as fasiq.” {Sinner}

Rasulullah S.A.W. has said: Jumuah salah is fardh (obligatory) on every Muslim accept four: 1: Slave 2: Woman 3: Minor kid 4: Sick person. (Abu Dawood)

It is not fardh on musafir (traveler).

Ibn Abbas R.A. said that Rasulullah S.A.W. said, “Whoever missed (disregard) Jumuah salah without any valid reason, he has been written in the book of Allah as a munafiq (Hypocrite) {mishkaat}.

‘Jumuah salah’ will be performed in place of Zuhr salah after zawaal. There is no zuhr salah on Friday. Unless some one who missed Jumuah salah, he has to pray now zuhr salah alone, because there is no Qaza for Jumuah salah.

There should be at least three people beside the Imam to perform Jumuah salah. The Khutbah should be performed before the prayer. It should be in Arabic. It is wajib to listen the khutbah. According to Hanafi mazhab, when Imam start the khutbah then it is makrooh to perform any salah or make zikr or tilawat of the Quran or any other activity. Everyone has to listen to the khutbah attentively. It is in place of two rakat of salah. There are 14 rakaat of Jumuah salah: 4 Rakaat sunnatul muaaqadah, 2 Rakaat Fardh, 4 Rakaat sunnatul muaaqadah, 2 Rakaat sunnatul muaaqadah, and 2 Rakaat Nafl.

May Almighty Allah give us the taufeeq to practice upon it.

~~ Imam,  Faridbeg ~~

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